Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Round Robin Challenge: Who I am in Black and White

I'm bald headed.  Shaved the head two nights ago, for my black and white photo shoot.  Tried getting creative on some of them.

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joolsinwa said...

you are just the cutest thing!!!!!
oops.... I'm married LOL

rivercitygirl1 said...

WOW!!  You ARE the cutest thing and I'm NOT married.  Love the shave.  Keep it.

gdireneoe said...

Derek?  One word...HUNKIFIED...sadly (not really 'cause I have my own hunkster) I am married.  I have told you before what a beautiful family you have...buncha Hollywood lookin'... ;)  C.

courtenaymphelan said...

what a Handsome man! I had no idea Lets see more photos of YOU! Please do a voice entry Read a favorite poem sing a song anything  

geminiwilder said...

love the collage of you. i think you have happy-looking eyes!

tc01hm said...

Brave and a hoot! Keep the look, the thumbs are up!

mavarin said...

I like the two at the bottom corners the best! - Karen

jeroldssis said...

I think you look great bald.  Have you ever done it before?  It's quite attractive on you!

ondinemonet said...

Howdy Handsome! :)

This is wonderful! Charming, fun, lighthearted, friendly, kind, warm, sweet, gentle, and a touch of whimsy for fun! Great job always!

Always, Carly

madcobug said...

Great job! You can tell by looking at your eyes that you have a great sense of humor and would be great fun to be around. Helen

naturegirlfromny said...

Sexy bald guy!  Linda

rjet33 said...

Well, AOL is acting up again.  Won't let me see all of your pics, so I will be back when they get the problem fixed.  I find it highly aggravating.

I love the comment you left in your Mom's journal.  I have enjoyed meeting Louise here in J-Land.  She is a beautiful lady.  She is very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family.

God Bless You All!

P.S.  You might be bald in the pics, but you are still very nicelooking!!!! I am sure your Mom and sisters will agree!!!!!!

botdotdotdot said...

Nice range of emotions.  It's a good peek into who you  are.  Good job.


cw2smom said...

You are very handsome!  I just love black and white photography!  Lisa

ryanagi said...

You look good! There's not many men who can pull off the shaved head look.