Sunday, August 28, 2005

Park Pictures with Autumn and Eli

These two woke me up Saturday morning telling me they wanted to go to the park.  This two shots were my favorites of the two of them, althought I took many more I may post later.  Autumn and Eli hit the swings first, back and forth between the two of them to push them higher.  Then off to the swings.  She was first up and wanted to show me how fast she could go.  This was no small slide either.  She go to the top and wanted to wait for Eli. 

Eli looked at Autumn and started up the tall slide but half way up thought hmm, this is high, I think I'm going to come back down, so I told him I would climb it with him, which I did, after that one time, he made many trips back up, These are my two favorite ones of them from the park.


joolsinwa said...


nightmaremom said...

Derek your pictures are wonderful!  I most definitely love the two you picked here.  They are amazing and you should be proud of your work.  Welcome home again :)

gdireneoe said...

Glad you are safely are safe right?  Has that pesky hurricane turned her nasty little head yet?  I have to tell you...and I don't mean to be biting AT ALL...but does your family (especially the parents of these two angels) SEE and appreciate what you capture?  I am that person in our family...sadly without a good camera lately. ;)  C.

nhd106 said...

Really the way you capture them and all their special looks.   Nancy

naturegirlfromny said...

Wow, i really love that picture of Autumn,  Linda