Monday, August 8, 2005

It works

Just testing out something new and it works.  Thanks for everyone's help, I'm trying it all out, to see what I like best. Little Autumn, on her first day of Kindergarten at a celebration after school. 



rap4143 said...

Derek which program are you using? Your daughter is sooooooo pretty:)

mariebm56 said...

I love the effects!!! Your niece is perfect!!!
She is soooo camera friendly!
I am glad to see your FTP space is working again.

boiseladie said...

What a beautiful photo of Autumn!  Which photo editing program do you use?

nhd106 said...

Yea,,,yea...what program?  Do tell!  Nancy

courtenaymphelan said...

we all want you to shar your new pc skill..........Courtenay

naturegirlfromny said...

Wow, kindergarten is exciting and it shows on her face.  My first day of kindergarten I hid behind the door!  Linda

indigosunmoon said...

If you use AOL's FTP space and run out you can use
the FTP space on another screen name.  AOL allows
you to have up to seven screen names, and each
one has FTP space.  When I ran out I started loading
pictures up under my other screen name, and it
works just fine.  
Just remember when you type in the code to get
the picture you loaded, to use the screen name that you
loaded the picture up on.

sassydee50 said...

Oh , I like this effect a lot! Precious! Sassy;-)

sonensmilinmon said...

What a precious, precious photograph! :-)