Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mom and Daughters


Mom has a special relationship with her daughter's she loves them both so much, she loves us all so much.  Just thought I would post a picture of my three favorite women.


A mother tries to provide her daughter
with insight into the important things in life
in order to make her life
as happy and fulfilling as possible

A mother tries to teach her daughter
to be good, always helpful to other people
to be fair, always treating others equally
to have a positive attitude at all times
to always make things right when they are wrong
to know herself well
to know what her talents are
to set goals for herself
to not be afraid of working too hard to reach her goals
A mother tries to teach her daughter
to have many interests to pursue
to laugh and have fun every day
to appreciate the beauty of nature
to enter into friendships with good people
to honor their friendships and always be a true friend
to appreciate the importance of the family
and to particularly respect and love our elder members
to use her intelligence at all times
to listen to her emotions
to adhere to her values

A mother tries to teach her daughter
to not be afraid to stick to her beliefs
to not follow the majority when the majority is wrong
to carefully plan a life for herself
to vigorously follow her chosen path
to enter into a relationship with someone worthy of herself
to love this person unconditionally with her body and mind
to share all that she has learned in life with this person
If I have provided you with an insight
into most of these things
then I have succeeded
as a mother
in what I hoped to accomplish in raising you
If many of these things slipped by
while we were all so busy
I have a feeling that you know them anyway
One thing I am sure of, though
I have taught you to be proud of the fact
that you are a woman equal to all men and
I have loved you every second of your life
I have supported you at all times
and as a mother, as a person, and as a friend
I will always continue to cherish and love
everything about you
my beautiful daughter

               -- Susan Polis Schutz

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Leader of the Pack

Yep, here's the leader, the leader of the pack.  Must be nice being the boss!  She was actually quite the sweetie, and I thought she really has grown so much, I can't believe it's been 5 years since this little girl first came into our lives.   She still lights up Uncle Derek's life every time I see her.  She loved the park as always, and was wanting to make the slide a contest to see who was the fastest.  She's quite the little helper too, she must have made Eli at least 2 chocalate milks one day, spoon chocalate and all.  She loved the pool and spent most of her time there.  Telling Sherry and me to throw her the float everytime she drowns, these are her words.  Daddy enjoyed telling the story he had to jump in with all his clothes on and save Sherry when she was about the same age as Autumn.  I'm sure we would all jump in a river headed for a waterfall for Autumn.  As all the kids were sticking their head in their birthday cakes, Autumn decided it was just a fork for her.  She was so sweet Sunday at church, Sherry rubbed her neck and she slept.  She was just too cute for words,and I didn't even get a picture.  The battery was dead.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Are all one year olds this sweet?


When I first saw Ethan, I couldn't believe how much he had grown.  He had just woke up and had that sleepy look.  The picture above was his sleepy look and first shot I got of him this weekend.  It didn't take long for him to wake up after that swim, he went from lap to lap, everyone feeding him. This boy can put the food away.  He's got the rhythm too.  Eli got these drums, but Ethan was all over them.  He really does have a rhythm to, it's like he's really playing something when he beats them.  As his head goes back and forth while he plays.  Added some of my favorite's of him also.

Land of Imagination

I love this picture of Eli cause you can see he's deep in play.  He loved his train track that they got him.  I think this was one of his favorite things.  It was his favorite birthday present, Dena likes it too. He sure has grown since last year.  I took so many pictures so I just decided to put some in here.  Before long he'll be four.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pool pictures

Here's some of my favorite pool pictures from the Saturday birthday/pool party.

Ethan in the pool

Ethan played in the pool with me for quite a while.  He loved throwing the ball and just spashing.  This isn't my favorite shot of him, but had to put one of him on here tonight before I signed off, more later.

So big

I couldn't believe how grown Autumn is getting, she made sure she picked out her clothes, and while crossing the bridge, Eli stopped to look in the little creek under the bridge, she very protectivly said Eli be careful and put her arm around him. 

Park Pictures with Autumn and Eli

These two woke me up Saturday morning telling me they wanted to go to the park.  This two shots were my favorites of the two of them, althought I took many more I may post later.  Autumn and Eli hit the swings first, back and forth between the two of them to push them higher.  Then off to the swings.  She was first up and wanted to show me how fast she could go.  This was no small slide either.  She go to the top and wanted to wait for Eli. 

Eli looked at Autumn and started up the tall slide but half way up thought hmm, this is high, I think I'm going to come back down, so I told him I would climb it with him, which I did, after that one time, he made many trips back up, These are my two favorite ones of them from the park.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Welcome new Journaler Chris

Picture from Hometown


Just wanted to spotlight a new blogger that I'm really enjoying her photography, they capture the light of the beauty in the world, beauty seen through her eyes.  Everyone welcome Chris at  This shot is one of my favorite's of her's although I love them all so far.  Doesn't everyone just love these little feet.  Especially her as she captured this wonderful shot of a friend's little feet!  Enjoy J-Land Chris.  Everyone give her a warm welcome. 

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy First Year Ethan


Hello my growing nephew.Happy happy birthday big boy.  It was a year ago that you said hello to the world outside.  You made us wait a little longer, but it was all worth it.

I remember every moment of that day I first saw you.  I remember your first cry hello.  It was so tiny and soft, and didn’t last more than a minute.  You were so quiet while I came for that visit.

I thought you were beautiful, so perfect in every way, so big and so brave. 

I remember the first time you opened those eyes, I thought I saw my Papa looking at me all knowing and true.

I sure miss you very very much Ethan, every single day.  I wish I got to visit with you, and your mommie and daddy, and Eli more than any thing.  You are such a happy baby and such a big boy and strong.  Little Hoss I hear them call you as I snicker in my head.

Remember my nephew, you will always be special, blessed, and loved.  There will always be a special place in my heart, just for you.  Because for some reason when I look into to your eyes I see a little bit of me.   You have a good spirit and is protected by the fiercest love there is.  Family and our Father’s love.  I carry you with me in a picture in my head every day, so that even though we are not together physically, we are forever bound to each other spiritually. 

Happy First Birthday little big man!  I look forward to watching you grow!  I love you!

Uncle Derek





Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ennis and (Enos) Sonny

Sunday is our dad and Sherry's father-in-law's birthday, like I said we have lots of birthdays in August, another one coming up tomorrow I'm trying to come up with an entry for.  I'm trying to get this picture to print, but not having much luck, out of magenta.  So not sure how it's going to look, never mind it looked bad.  Thought this was a cool picture of the father's of the groom and bride.  It's going to be a four way bday party on Saturday.  Tell you tomorrow who the fourth is.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Photo Tuesday: Implied

Imply: To express indirectly   Photo Tuesday

Yes I made the mistake of getting in front of the television while Autumn was watching the movie "Because of Winn Dixie" for the fifth time.  I think she expressed indirectly by this face that I better move out of the way so she can see her show.

This is a side I don't think I've showed of her before.  Guess we can't always be happy and smiling for the camera.  Especially when your Uncle is trying to get in front of the t.v. while your wathing it to take your picture.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Birthday Poem for Eli

  Eli Is Three

Three years old, well – that’s amazing!
This little golden haired boy
Is now three years old, and such a great little guy
Full of smiles and laughter
         And I have to wonder why
Why are we so blessed?

I love you so, little Eli
You are so, so cool
And so easy too – what terrible twos?
Maybe I havn't been there enough for that

But when I was there it didn’t happen – instead they were terrific
Wonderful, fantastic
And Splendid
For most two-year-olds the favorite words are
“No”, “No”, and “No”
Your’s were quite different – and noticeably so
Your favorite words were “yeah” and “okey”
Now what great words for a two year old to say!

Well, now you are three – and – did you notice?
So on this day I give you this poem
I think your great
You are tops in my book! So I will not hesitate

You’re sitting in my lap in my head as I write these lines
I want you to know that I love you all of the time
Bet your on the move, playing with your Teddy or winding down.

And you have embarked
On a little adventure
To locate your “cup” – it had some juice in it to be sure
And you won’t rest till it’s safe and secure

And now you are sleepy and ready for bed
With Ethan, bet Mommie is getting the two of you all tucked in after being fed

Will your mommy and daddy miss this age – it’s a special one
Full of giggles and fun for their oldest son but soon Ethan will be there as well.

And as you are prepared for a night of good sleep
And sweet dreams – though it seems
Your so far from me!  But always in my dreams

I  read, and I  tickle, and you’ll talk for awhile
And I’ll understand a bit of what you say
         But what the hey! It makes me smile
Because whatever you say you’re so cute in saying it
And I think – if I can ever find a prayer to adequately thank God
         for you, I’d better be praying it!

I love you Eli – I love to watch you grow
To see you becoming a boy –
         Throwing a ball, running to and fro
Laughing loudly, praying softly
Giving mommy a hug and a kiss
Or getting rough and rowdy with Andy
Playing and singing or playing the drums and just being
the wonderful you God has made

I may not see you each day but yes, I am so proud of you, for all of your ways
And my prayer is that through all your fun-filled days
God will keep you, protect you,
         And hold you close to His side
And with His strong hand to be your Guide
That you will learn to know Him and love Him
And in Him abide!

Your mommie and daddy,and all of us – are trusting our Lord to show us the way
To be good  to our Eli day after day
We love you so much, little guy – you’re the best!
With you around we are happy and blessed

Happy birthday, little friend, (little nephew, it’s true!)
Happy Birthday dear Eli
         We sure do love you!

Monday Photo shoot: Double Up

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of two of something. Two of what? I leave that to you. But they have to be two of the same type of thing. Don't just put, like, a cookie and a Hot Wheel in the same picture and say it counts as two things. Two cookies, two Hot Wheels. You know. Double your pleasure and all that.
Twin lizards joined at the tail, just kidding!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My brother

Been putting a lot of entries in on my mom and sisters, so thought I'd put one of Lance in here.  He's a hard working man.  He always seems to be working when I make it home, I did get to spend some time with him on Saturday, I think it was him that made  me decide to shave my head.  Autumn orders her dad and he's so proud of her.  I wish we all could spend more time together.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Photo Friday: One

He's getting so big.  I can't believe he's about to turn one year old

Pretty in Pink

~Pretty In Pink~

Pretty in pink, a face to adore
Her beauty is endless, her eyes pure
Elegant sweetness, rich and serene
A blush to her cheeks so innocent and pristine.

Friday, August 19, 2005

My mom and Sherry


My mom and sister started their first blogs, check them out and welcome them to J-Land.



Thursday, August 18, 2005

I love my sisters

These were taken the night before the Harper reunion.  We all had such a good time.  Sherry and Dena made pizza on the grill, some of our Harper cousins came over and we just enjoyed each other.

Ethan just kept going and going and going.  I think Autumn and Eli wore out before he did.

Little Big Man (Ethan)

Ethan looks at me, and my heart just melts.  He doesn't have to say anything, it's all said in his eyes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Round Robin Challenge: Who I am in Black and White

I'm bald headed.  Shaved the head two nights ago, for my black and white photo shoot.  Tried getting creative on some of them.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Autumn in her cap!

Autumn is really got accustomed to me with the camera, she lets me just follow her around, if she gets tired of the camera, she tells me, camera break.   I like the way she's never really poses or looks right at the camera.   She's a natural.

Say Cheese!

Ethan and the slide

Ethan loved the slides.  I had so much fun with them this weekend.


Two for the Road

Autumn in Sepia

Yesterday was a scorcher,  Autumn was on the workout bench on the patio looking at the dragonflies.

Monday, August 8, 2005

It works

Just testing out something new and it works.  Thanks for everyone's help, I'm trying it all out, to see what I like best. Little Autumn, on her first day of Kindergarten at a celebration after school. 




Thursday, August 4, 2005

Extreme Closeup Monday Photo shoot

Was late getting this added for John's Monday photo shoot, but here it is.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Round Robin Challenge: Oasis

This body of water was not in the desert but it has always been an oasit of serenity to me.  Many peaceful thoughts have echoed from my head.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Autumn in the Pool

Little Autumn by the Pool.  With her coffee.

Scrapbook shot

Here's a shot of the wedding scrapbook I'm working on for Sherry and Mark, no more cause I know she will be peaking.