Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy First Year Ethan


Hello my growing nephew.Happy happy birthday big boy.  It was a year ago that you said hello to the world outside.  You made us wait a little longer, but it was all worth it.

I remember every moment of that day I first saw you.  I remember your first cry hello.  It was so tiny and soft, and didn’t last more than a minute.  You were so quiet while I came for that visit.

I thought you were beautiful, so perfect in every way, so big and so brave. 

I remember the first time you opened those eyes, I thought I saw my Papa looking at me all knowing and true.

I sure miss you very very much Ethan, every single day.  I wish I got to visit with you, and your mommie and daddy, and Eli more than any thing.  You are such a happy baby and such a big boy and strong.  Little Hoss I hear them call you as I snicker in my head.

Remember my nephew, you will always be special, blessed, and loved.  There will always be a special place in my heart, just for you.  Because for some reason when I look into to your eyes I see a little bit of me.   You have a good spirit and is protected by the fiercest love there is.  Family and our Father’s love.  I carry you with me in a picture in my head every day, so that even though we are not together physically, we are forever bound to each other spiritually. 

Happy First Birthday little big man!  I look forward to watching you grow!  I love you!

Uncle Derek






madcobug said...

Great pictures of Ethan. Helen

eynl said...

What a nice picture display of Ethan!  Happy Birthday Ethan!

joolsinwa said...

wonderful collage!

barbpinion said...

Precious photos. Thanks for sharing them.

rap4143 said...

Derek you know how I feel about your family....the kid are absolutely adorable.  Happy Birthday Ethan.

tc01hm said...

What a cutie! or should I say both of you?
Happy B Day, Baby Ethan!

dbp2000 said...

What a wonderful tribute!  I hope this goes into his baby book!  Thanks for sharing such precious memories.

naturegirlfromny said...

Wow!  Its amazing how fast they grow and change in just a year!  That is a nice page you made for him!  Linda

nightmaremom said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!
Derek you did a wonderful job with the pictures and expressing your feelings.  He is so adorable!  I hope you get to see him soon!

nhd106 said...

I don't know who is or Ethan.    This is really sweet.    nancy

rivercitygirl1 said...

Happy Birthday to you beautiful Ethan!!

jeroldssis said...

Wow Derek!  The photo of Ethan that is just below the photo of you holding him looks just like you!  That's amazing.


alwayswondering1 said...

That was a lovely entry, and it has left me with a smile on my face. Thank you.