Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Leader of the Pack

Yep, here's the leader, the leader of the pack.  Must be nice being the boss!  She was actually quite the sweetie, and I thought she really has grown so much, I can't believe it's been 5 years since this little girl first came into our lives.   She still lights up Uncle Derek's life every time I see her.  She loved the park as always, and was wanting to make the slide a contest to see who was the fastest.  She's quite the little helper too, she must have made Eli at least 2 chocalate milks one day, spoon chocalate and all.  She loved the pool and spent most of her time there.  Telling Sherry and me to throw her the float everytime she drowns, these are her words.  Daddy enjoyed telling the story he had to jump in with all his clothes on and save Sherry when she was about the same age as Autumn.  I'm sure we would all jump in a river headed for a waterfall for Autumn.  As all the kids were sticking their head in their birthday cakes, Autumn decided it was just a fork for her.  She was so sweet Sunday at church, Sherry rubbed her neck and she slept.  She was just too cute for words,and I didn't even get a picture.  The battery was dead.

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nightmaremom said...

Another 'calendar' message that fits with your little angels :)  Thought I would share it.

The eyes of a child and the eyes of an angel are much the same, similar in so many ways.  The eyes of a child look through the filter of their own innocence; the eyes of an angel look through the filter of the innocence of their wisdom