Monday, August 22, 2005

Birthday Poem for Eli

  Eli Is Three

Three years old, well – that’s amazing!
This little golden haired boy
Is now three years old, and such a great little guy
Full of smiles and laughter
         And I have to wonder why
Why are we so blessed?

I love you so, little Eli
You are so, so cool
And so easy too – what terrible twos?
Maybe I havn't been there enough for that

But when I was there it didn’t happen – instead they were terrific
Wonderful, fantastic
And Splendid
For most two-year-olds the favorite words are
“No”, “No”, and “No”
Your’s were quite different – and noticeably so
Your favorite words were “yeah” and “okey”
Now what great words for a two year old to say!

Well, now you are three – and – did you notice?
So on this day I give you this poem
I think your great
You are tops in my book! So I will not hesitate

You’re sitting in my lap in my head as I write these lines
I want you to know that I love you all of the time
Bet your on the move, playing with your Teddy or winding down.

And you have embarked
On a little adventure
To locate your “cup” – it had some juice in it to be sure
And you won’t rest till it’s safe and secure

And now you are sleepy and ready for bed
With Ethan, bet Mommie is getting the two of you all tucked in after being fed

Will your mommy and daddy miss this age – it’s a special one
Full of giggles and fun for their oldest son but soon Ethan will be there as well.

And as you are prepared for a night of good sleep
And sweet dreams – though it seems
Your so far from me!  But always in my dreams

I  read, and I  tickle, and you’ll talk for awhile
And I’ll understand a bit of what you say
         But what the hey! It makes me smile
Because whatever you say you’re so cute in saying it
And I think – if I can ever find a prayer to adequately thank God
         for you, I’d better be praying it!

I love you Eli – I love to watch you grow
To see you becoming a boy –
         Throwing a ball, running to and fro
Laughing loudly, praying softly
Giving mommy a hug and a kiss
Or getting rough and rowdy with Andy
Playing and singing or playing the drums and just being
the wonderful you God has made

I may not see you each day but yes, I am so proud of you, for all of your ways
And my prayer is that through all your fun-filled days
God will keep you, protect you,
         And hold you close to His side
And with His strong hand to be your Guide
That you will learn to know Him and love Him
And in Him abide!

Your mommie and daddy,and all of us – are trusting our Lord to show us the way
To be good  to our Eli day after day
We love you so much, little guy – you’re the best!
With you around we are happy and blessed

Happy birthday, little friend, (little nephew, it’s true!)
Happy Birthday dear Eli
         We sure do love you!


gdireneoe said...

What a wonderful "unca" you are. ;)  C.

joolsinwa said...

Oh that was beautiful , hun, I am crying

jeroldssis said...

Wow.  As you once said on my journal, "Stunning".  Eli is blessed, and so are you.

delela1 said...

Happy Birthday Eli!  Lucky you to get a poem for your birthday.  It's very special!


rap4143 said...

You are a sweetheart!!!!! Your family and friends are  so lucky to have you!!!!! Happy Birthday Eli!!!

nightmaremom said...

Am I not hearing anything?????? :)

Beautiful smile on this one

dornbrau said...

Eli is so photogenic isn't he?
What a wonderful tribute to him, I'm sure he'll treasure the poem once he becomes old enough to understand the feelings behind it.

philipkravitz said...

To Dere, That's short for the tall man you are. To write such a beautiful poem, you truly have a tremendous amount of talent. How lucky you are to enjoy your family so much. It's never been like that for me, I've been loved tremendously, but pushed and pulled all my life like a rubber eraser that almost drained all the life out of me. I can almost cry when I hear such happyiness and there isn't a petal of impurity that you have found the joy most people never can even come close to knowing. I have my art and  certain favorite hobbies that excite me and I guess you could say make me laugh and dance. But what you have found is far beyond the talents and skills I've worked on and now I know I'VE MISSED SUCH WONDERFUL THINGS THAT I must say goodnight and we will talk again another day. Phil K.