Monday, August 29, 2005

Land of Imagination

I love this picture of Eli cause you can see he's deep in play.  He loved his train track that they got him.  I think this was one of his favorite things.  It was his favorite birthday present, Dena likes it too. He sure has grown since last year.  I took so many pictures so I just decided to put some in here.  Before long he'll be four.


nightmaremom said...

That is so cute!  Awesome picture, I love what you did with the background.  I might be inspired to do that going forward instead of trying to 'grey or white' it out.
He is so damn cute!  d

joolsinwa said...

My son used to love trains!!!! But alas he is 14 and trains are all but forgotten, but he won't get rid of his Thomas theTank Engine plate and cup , or silverware! I am thankful for that. But the last Thomas toy was donated to charity last week, boys and trains just go together  

philipkravitz said...

Dere,So COOL, to be playing trains. That is what I would do when I was a young boy. Have too much ahead on the tracks to take care of, talk to you later. Phil K.

acyrlicstains said...

This photo is my fav.  Love it!~