Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ennis and (Enos) Sonny

Sunday is our dad and Sherry's father-in-law's birthday, like I said we have lots of birthdays in August, another one coming up tomorrow I'm trying to come up with an entry for.  I'm trying to get this picture to print, but not having much luck, out of magenta.  So not sure how it's going to look, never mind it looked bad.  Thought this was a cool picture of the father's of the groom and bride.  It's going to be a four way bday party on Saturday.  Tell you tomorrow who the fourth is.


joolsinwa said...

my hubby and brother share the same birthday, ... August 12th.

nightmaremom said...

Great picture!  My dad and sister in law have the same Birthday.  Not only that my brother and sister in law got married that day!  Talk about keeping it together :)

Pssstt.. so how come the big secret on the other birthday?  Hmm?  Someone we know? ::giggle::

jeroldssis said...

Wow.  Those are two very handsome men, more so because of their great smiles!  They look like they were having a good time, that's for sure!


naturegirlfromny said...

Great pic!  We have a lot of birthdays close together too.  Linda