Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ethan and the slide

Ethan loved the slides.  I had so much fun with them this weekend.



joolsinwa said...

yup  kids love slides

gdireneoe said...

I just wanted to thank you for the kick in the tail your picture entries have given me.  i broke my SLR years ago and have used those maddeningly pathetic throw-aways until recently.  My brother-in-law gave me a really nice digital...but being the antiquated dinosaur type that I am, I have decided to go buy another SLR.  I really miss taking quality pics of my family.  Thanks.  C.  ;)

rap4143 said...

Adorable!!!! You wonder where they get their energy :).

alicarobo said...

This little boy is a carbon copy of you Derek.  I should know since I can remember when you were that small.  He looks even more like you now.  God really is in control, isn't he?