Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Our Cousin Coley and Caia

When I was little I always looked forward to seeing my cousin Caia, my dad's sister's daughter.  She always made me feel special.  I remember how she would draw stories on poster board and we would go into the closet with a big flashlight and she would tell me a story.  She had a sweet loving way about her, I bet she's a great mother.  I see so much happiness in her eyes, just like I've always seen in her mother's.  One of my favorite memories of a child about her, well there was two, one was during the sweet potato parade, she was a lead majorette, and when she saw me in the audience she ran over and gave me a big kiss.  The second was every time she saw a turtle she made sure she would turn it to point in the direction of the closest watersource, which was one of our ponds.


nhd106 said...

Yes, seems like a very extra sweet woman.  Nice shot too!   nancy

sonensmilinmon said...

Beautiful picture, she looks like a loving woman, it shows in this picture.


cste609371 said...



hestiahomeschool said...

what a smile---like Julia Roberts!!!