Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Deer in the graveyard behind the Church

PreviewCades Cove was beautiful, this old church was wonderful, I went inside and imagined the voices of the past, sermons and old time hymns.  Then I walked out to look at the graveyard and this deer just walked up, so I took some pictures of him/her, not sure.  But I followed it all around the graveyard, didn't seem the bit scared of me either.  Wonder if the wildlife  has always been that way there.  Just think that deer was feeding in the graveyard, finding life among the departed.  I was finding life at that time too, still am.  Funny though I never thought of it until now, I took this picture years ago.


nhd106 said...

so interesting...the deer in the graveyard...almost surreal.    Nancy

hestiahomeschool said...

Nope---when the deer were hunted, you can believe they were scared of humans. It is just that they are protected in the national forest that they are so tame now.