Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Cousin Christy

Christy is another cousin we grew up with, Sherry and her were the same age and she and her brother Wink were a regular part of the family, we actually grew up together, they lived two houses down from us growing up.  Couldn't leave the C's out without her.  She probably took more torture from me than anyone, I'm not sure why I was so mean to her when she was little, I used to hold her nose when she was little.  I don't think I did it too many times, cause most of the time I was a good kid.  Now Sherry and her would get in some good ones, Christy has some fingernails and she scratched Sherry up pretty good.  I'm sure Sherry was no angel either.  But all in all they loved each other.  They are still best of friends today, and even work together.  Taylor married a good man Bobby, and they have a beautiful little girl named Taylor Grace.  Some of my favorite memories are spending time at her grandmother's, she called her Gain, I loved all the old pictures she had and the stories she would tell me about her and my Papa, it's time I took a visit to see her.  I don't even know if she knows how much I've always loved her.  Aunt Evelyn or Gain wasn't always kissy, she was a very independent woman.  Still is!  Anyway I love her and miss her.  Not to mention Christy's mom Marie.  There's never enough time when I go home to see everyone.  I'll have to post a picture of Marie and Taylor Grace soon.   Love you Christy!  There are many fun memories of our adventures, the time Sherry and her lost the ring in the deep ditch, the times they took my car and it ended up in some ditch somewhere and they would call me to come get them.  But one of my favorite memories was when she got married, she was so beautiful and so happy. 

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