Sunday, March 6, 2005

Christ on Cross

When I was in Innsbrook, Austria, I took a day for myself to just walk around the city in the Febuary cold, and I mean cold, it was the coldest weather I've ever been in.  So much beautiful snow, not what I was used too.  But it was a beautiful day, no clouds in the sky.  So I walked and every time I would see a church I would walk in.  The churches were the oldest standing churches, some built in the 11th century.  I think they were called cathedrals.   I wish I'd written everything down back then, but I didn't.  But I do remember the feeling I had when I walked in this one.  As soon as I walked in the cold disappeared and I felt a warmness and had to take off one of my layers, then glowing and pulling me close was this Jesus on the cross.  I don't think the picture really captured my feeling in my heart.  But it was a moment.  It was one of the highlights of my day.


sonensmilinmon said...

How long ago were you in Innsbrook?  When I was a teen my parents considered living there instead of continuing on to England.  Sadly we didn't, I think maybe due to cost.  We spent a couple of weeks in Innsbrook, walking, exploring, and stopping in the beautiful old cathedrals. I wish that I had a camera when I was there, I wish I had kept a journal too.  I enjoyed this picture it brought back memories of looking in the old cathedrals. :-)  


barbpinion said...

I can only imagine, Derek. Thank you so much for posting this picture. It's beautiful. Hugs, love & always my prayers. *Barb*

boiseladie said...