Monday, March 7, 2005


When I see a chicken, the first thing I think of is my Nana, she loved them, she had a big chicken coop that she built herself. She never had to go to the store for eggs.  I liked the chickens too.  I liked collecting the eggs for Nana, putting them in my shirt.  Those chicken coops sure did smell though.  I took this picture last week at the petting zoo in Green Cove Springs.


nhd106 said...

Great memory!  Nancy

boiseladie said...

My grandparents ran a dairy and had chickens everywhere.  I loved our weekend visits, the adventures my brothers and I had...  Thanks for sharing and bringing back long, filed away memories!

barbpinion said...

Aren't memory walks fun, Derek?  Hugs, dear one. *Barb*