Thursday, June 9, 2005

Pacetti sings

Sam Pacetti

This is the guy who played in Sherry's wedding, He was excellant, he and his guitar will blow you away.  Check out the site or just do a search on Sam Pacetti on google or yahoo. He plays every Monday night in St. Augustine at the Milltop.  We'll have to go there some.  I really enjoyed his style.  I'm definately going to get his cd.  I'd say he was a mixture of folk and  bluegrass.  I really enjoyed it.  He made the reception. 


eternallife23 said...

Cute too. lol *Louise*

jeanno43 said...

Great pic! and I love the Cactus in the garden

tdain2003 said...

hmmmm.... he's cute!  I love a guy who can play guitar.  You're near St. Augustine FL?  That is one of my favorite places!!!