Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I love photoshop

I love photoshop I put Sherry right in the middle of Kolob Canyon in Utah.  She looks a little lost.  I think she's looking for a bathroom.  She loves the great outdoors.  I'm enjoying editing my pictures and trying other stuff, this almost looks like an ad or something.


joolsinwa said...

she looks like "oh crap" I'm lost  LOL fun pic though
~ Julie~

nhd106 said...

Great shot!  Very creative...   nancy

rap4143 said...

I'm learning to play with PS, what a fun picture!!

sonensmilinmon said...

what photoshop do you use?  This is great - she looks so lost in the middle of no where!


rivercitygirl1 said...

This is so neat Derek.  It does look like an ad.

chervinkod said...

cool concept.  it looks like she's floating just off the ground.