Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Picture from Hometown

Well since I wasn't able to post on Monday, and it's finally working now.  This was taken on a trip to New York on July 4th.  This landmark for me was one of the most outstanding landmarks that was manmade I've ever been too.  I didn't get to go up to the top, it was so hot that day, but I did get to go up at least half way.   She was quite beautiful, and I took quite a few shots, I'll scan the rest of them, and put them in this entry as well.  Our lady liberty!  I'll never forget this day.


billandnae said...

One of the greatest ones, too.

Glad to see you are still hanging around...better move quick, I smell an attack!!!

~Down with treason Nae

joolsinwa said...

awesome, the one place I've always wanted to go and will never see in person.

salemslot9 said...

my first time on an airplane
9th birthday
saw Statue Of Liberty
from Staten Island Ferry :)

philipkravitz said...

Yes, That's a work of art. You took a fine picture. I love our country with it's best and worst. Life is not easy but I'm proud of my heritage and traditions. PhilK

danniboo05 said...

hey i found the link to your  journal and just wanted to give you mine if you get bored stop by and tell me what you think about it

queeniemart said...

Hi, i just found your journal today....AWESOME. You have GREAT talent...i love every one of these pics.....what an eye you have. I am glad i found you. Take care, lisa

tc01hm said...

Nice work!
PS Thanks for the visit, comment and empathy!

delela1 said...

Hey, very nice perspective.  I've never seen her up close before...heck, I've never seen her in person; some day I will.  Thank you.


delela1 said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

jeanno43 said...

Great photo of a truly amazing statue.