Sunday, November 27, 2005

Autumn Lost her first tooth

Do you remember that first tooth you lost. Well Autumn lost her first tooth as you can see, I asked her to open wide so I could take a picture. She got a two dollars from the tooth fairy and a note you need a magnifying glass to read. Saying you need to brush more. She now got another tooth that is a bit wiggly. Is the tooth fairy making more money these days because I never got that much for my teeth.


salemslot9 said...

hope she doesn't start pulling them out :(

joolsinwa said...

$2 , LOL , they will regret that soon enough! LOL


oceanmrc said...

Tooth fairy inflation!

naturegirlfromny said...

Good Lord!  I only got a measly quarter!  How old is Autumn?  My daughter is 6 now and we are waiting!  Linda

alphamoon65 said...

I enjoy your journal every time I come to visit.  My first tooth was not a great experience.  It was extremely tender...I couldn't eat, and I whined about nonstop.  My Dad tried to remove it with a cool wash way!  So finally we tied a string to the doorknob of my bedroom door, and yes...I swear the other end to the tooth, and bammo! The tooth flew under my bed.  I was so shocked.  Many years later my Dad did the same process to my son....memories I am help making is what I was thinking as the tooth flew.  My son loved it.  lol Crazy kids