Thursday, May 26, 2005

Neverland FlowerGirl

Neverland had a beautiful flowergirl.  Autumn was so good, she was the perfect little flowergirl,  she was in no rush, she took her time and enjoyed it.  She was such a little doll.  She really enjoyed the week.  I miss her!


joolsinwa said...

she's very angelic looking!! BTW I have your journal linked to mine!
~ Julie~

mariebm56 said...

Very nice portrait Derek, I like the soft effect you gave the flowergirl.
She looks beautiful~

cneinhorn said...

autumn is beautiful!


delela1 said...

Sweet!  We all love seeing children in weddings, and it's cute when they act up.  But it can never touch the magical moments created at a wedding when the children truly become part of the ceremony, by being part of the ceremony.  Clearly Autumn was the perfect choice.