Monday, May 16, 2005

Mark and Me

It takes a special man to fill the shoes of the man who is going to marry my sister Sherry.  This man is Mark, Mark has been in our family for almost 10 years I think, or somewhere close to that.  So he's already like family.  Saturday he will be my brother-in-law.  I hope they have a wonderful life together full of God's many blessings.  Mark is a wondeful man, he loves Sherry, and he loves Autumn.  Autumn is crazy about him too.  I wish for them many things, mainly love and happiness.  I ask everyone to pray for our family this weekend, and for many blessing on this special day. 


joolsinwa said...

aaw nice tribute . Best wishes to the happy couple!
~ Julie~

barbpinion said...

Great photos here. Thanks for sharing them with us. Hugs, hon. *Barb*

sasonalmah said...

God bless!  A wedding is a big and busy time.... You will all be in my prayers!


cneinhorn said...

I wish them all the best!