Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nana's tears of joy

This is clearer but I had to shrink it and it took some of the dpi out.  Mama was crying so much that Sherry had a time stopping her own tears.  I heard her say once, my mama's crying.  So I love this shot because you can see mama crying, and Sherry trying to stop.


mariebm56 said...

This is such a lovely photo, It came out clear on my screen.  Did you add a filter or do any editing? There appears to be a glow on your sister's veil, which gives a softened effect.  

joolsinwa said...

~ Julie~

barbpinion said...

Derek, you're TERRIFIC!!!! I love this photo. It's priceless. HUGS..Barb

sonensmilinmon said...

OMG this one is PRICELESS ... it had me tearing up!  LOVE it .. love them all so far!


delela1 said...

Sheer perfection.  love this!