Monday, February 28, 2005


I've been running every day or every other day, 8 miles, this is the last bridge I come  to every day when I run, and I'm so happy when I get over it, althought when I run the gate the last bridge is the Hart bridge which is much bigger.  This is my one of my favorite bridges in Jacksonville, it always has been.




nhd106 said...

How incredibly beautiful!  Did you make those colors like that?  Also, 8 freakin' miles?  Geez!  Nancy

sunflowerkat321 said...

That is a beautiful bridge.  My brother lives in Jacksonville....but I've never been there.

cneinhorn said...

beautiful! do you bring your camera when running? mine is too bulky, but who am I kidding, I haven't started running yet! when I do start running again, I probably won't bring my camera!