Monday, February 28, 2005


Mike and I went to the Highland games on Saturday, there were many people playing the bagpipes.  There was a big parade, lots of vendors, animals, food, and men in kilts.  Mike even wore one.  We had a really fun time and heard some great celtic music.  I took the picture of her and with my photoshop added her to some beautiful green grass, like in Scotland.



barbpinion said...

Great photo. Looks like a lot of fun. (((Derek)))  *Barb*

nhd106 said...

Yeah....a woman piper!  Way cool...  nancy

coy1234787 said...

I can almost hear her now!
        *** Coy ***

gatorspictures said...

Commenting on all:
These are phenom!
I love the bagpipers!!
Your family is beautiful.
The statue is awesome.
The bridge ROCKS.