Monday, July 5, 2004

Alone at the Ocean With My Thoughts and Memories

Here I visit my favorite spot, in search of peace of mind.  This vast Ocean understands me and doesn't dismiss me with impatience or refuse to listen.  This is the spot when I was 5 or 6 that my first thought of happiness began, with Papa, he took us here, and would get out in the Ocean and turn flips in the passing waves.  At that time there was a big pier here.  This place has been my thinking place since I've been in Jacksonville.  Papa said "All your answers Lie here" as he said with outstretched arms.  So many days I walked here trying to figure out what he meant.  I came here years ago after the end of a relationship and said I give up, I won't ever know what he meant.  I told myself I'd never come again.  Then I made a friend that lived right by the spot where the pier was.  This was almost two years ago.  When he moved there we took a walk on the beach and the next thing I knew I was by the pier again, feeling very much at home.  Thinking once again maybe I would find out.  They tore the pier down a month later, but I still go to this spot.  It wasn't the pier Papa was talking about it was something much bigger.  I remember touching what was left of the pier before they tore it down.  I touched it as if it were my only friend and possessed the answers to all my problems.  I stayed there  for a long while waiting for answers.  The pier is gone now, just these little markers left.  I still go here for answers, how ironic that I live right here in the place where Papa said all the answers would be found here.



bbjoey1 said...

You are an excellent photographer!!

barbpinion said...

I so love your pictures and the words from your heart. They touch the deepest part of my heart--then go deeper still. The ocean is my favorite place in the whole world. Looking at it reminds me of my place in the Universe. It reminds me of GOD's mighty creative power.  How blessed you are to have had your papa tell you " All your answers lie here." Thank you for this precious entry. *Barb*

indigosunmoon said...

That picture is breathtaking!  Simply beautiful!
Great entry Derek!