Friday, June 25, 2004

Peaceful Visitor (Blue Heron)

I once heard it's good luck when one of these fellows come for a visit, today I was feeling a little blue, I went to my special place, and in the lonliness of it all, here the blue heron comes to say everythings going to be ok. 

Heron: is associated with morning, and is the first bird to salute the dawn. A heron also tied in with regeneration of life. A heron provides for its young like a stork. It is associated with longevity, silent memory, overcoming danger, indiscretion, dual nature: because of it amphibious nature, and melancholy. The heron is sacred to the Muses and is related to priesthood. Herons are seen as a favorable of men. When heron's leave the marsh and fly above the clouds they announce the coming of a storm.

...signifying the world of life and light, as opposed to that of death and darkness. For the same reason the snow-white heron was much esteemed,... and the blue heron for luck in life.

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eynl said...

This is a beautiful photo...clean, crisp and alive.  I fight off lonliness in a similar way and always come back to write about it.  Most times it's expressed in my entries...most times it will pass in the next light of day...and most times it takes being alone to get over it.