Monday, June 21, 2004


When I was little my favorite place was the zoo.  I especially liked the monkey's.  I think it was because of the family.  My mom and dad joked, "There's little Derek monkey, and Daddy monkey, and mama monkey.  I still love the zoo today.  I sat for hours watching these guys.  Mama was so good with little baby monkey.  So caring and gentle.  Aint life grand?


barbpinion said...

Hope you don't mind. submitted your journal for consideration to the Best Of Bloggers. This journal is too spectacular to miss.  Hugs, love & prayers. *Barb*

eynl said...

After seeing the monkeys at the zoo the past week, I came upon the conclusion that they could read my mind when looking at me.  lol    They just looked like they knew what was going on around a human way!