Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Joshua Tree

This was taken in the Desert of California, on a trek across the California, Oregon, Washington, and a part of Canada.  more later or I"ll be late for work.  I'm pretty sure I was in California, but I'm thinking it may have been Oregon, I just remember coming up on these trees and remember the story of Joshua after Moses died.  It was one of the most diffrent but beautiful trees I've seen.  I had taken many more, I even have some of me in the desert, which I can't seem to find.  But I was happy I found this one in one of my old emails I had sent.  Ok, someone remind me how did the story go, with Joshua, I know the tree marked something, maybe that they were almost in the promised land or something.  Can't rememeber, will have to look it up later.  The deserts of Oregon were my favorite, that's why I think I was in Oregon and not Northern California, but I'm blank.  I just remember walking in the desert for a nice piece, taking a few nice picturs of some plants and me in the desert and the desert sand and bushes.  Then back in the car and to what came next.  Looking forward to planning a trip.


indigosunmoon said...

Lovely picture Derek!

sasonalmah said...

Oh, wait!  Now I CAN see the picture!!!  LOL


sasonalmah said...

Unfortunately, I couldn't see the picture.  I am sure it is lovely, though!!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

I LOVE this - the color of the sky - the plants ... EVERYTHING.


philipkravitz said...

Beautiful purple sky, once visited friends in Oregan, ColumbiamRiver Gorge or something like that.