Sunday, April 17, 2005

Innertubing Adventures

Days like yesterday remind me that summer is on it's way. I sit here today thinking of last year and our intertubing adventure down the river, one of the things I love about Florida on a hot summer day we can go down with intertubes down some nice river that is spring fed.  My adventure down the river last year reminded me that places like this need  to stay preserved and protected.  Looking at this picture PreviewI can hear all the sounds, smell the freshness of it all, and feel the coolness of the water soothing my spirit like it was yesterday.  It was also Mike and my first outing together and with friends.  PreviewWhen I was going down the river, the water was so crystal clear.  Cool crystal clear spring water, eel grass, Previewlittle and not so little fish swim beneath you as you see them clearly.  Tiny minnows gently nipping you as you let your feet dangle into the water.  A family of red-eared sliders (turtles) sunning themself on a moss draped cypress log.  PreviewDistant sound of nature, peaceful as it was in the beginning.  My thoughts fade back to my teenage years going down this same river and what it meant for me then, and what it meant for me last summer.  The river is still as beautiful as it was then.  I remember imagining going under water and swimming through a cave and coming up on another side with a whole new world on the other side.  On the othe side people lived as peaceful as the foilage. Ferns amond lillies, trees among bushes.   I love the underwater caves that as a boy I thought if you would dive down in them that when you came up on the other side you would be in a peaceful place on the other side.  Still looking for those peaceful places.


barbpinion said...

Guess you're a lot like me, Derek; loving where you're at in life, but looking around the corner to the next great adventure. Love these pictures. They're great! Much love to you. Have a wonderful day. *Barb*

shortty10 said...

What a wonderful memory, thanks for sharing. -Tricia

nhd106 said...

Great pictures Derek!  Hope you and Mike had a great day~   Can I ask you something?  I see many people have that sort of "framing" around thieir pix...where do you get yours from?  
Thanks,  Nancy

philipkravitz said...

deveil, first real chance I've had to get on computer. Friends taking care of me and helping out due to new recent injury. Life sounds so peaceful, placid, and relaxing on river. You look so clam as if the rest of the world had disappeared or never even existed and the only environment that matters is today, now and forever without anything to worry about. How serene. I can't tolerate sun or heat and humidity on medicines I'm on so it would be very uncomfortable for me. As a boy my father took us (4 brothers) to Canada on fishing trips, later in my 20's and early 30's I fished a lot from a 13 and 1/2 foot Boston Whaler which we also used for skiing. I mostly fished salt water in Fl. The Keys, 10,000 islands on the West coast around Naples and everywhere and anywhere we could dock at night, a cooler and latern and forget time and peer pressure and those other stupid things, drink sometimes puck whatever and tell jokes and stories from our pasts. Around 15 I spent a summer in Maine at a Hebrew camp playing ball, canoeing, mountain clibing and horse back riding, as well as sailing and fishing. Probably the best summer of my life.
   Too much to say to little time to say it in, have to look at other pages on computer and answer other mail. Still learning how to use this contraption and I'll try and include a file of Art work for you to see. Blessings and all that, Phil K.

sonensmilinmon said...

When I saw the pictures it reminded me of my days swimming at Blue Springs in Orange City, FL - we lived just down the road from the park.  Geez, did you have to go making me want to return to Florida when I don't have the funds!!! It looks like you had a wonderful peaceful days - bet you wish you had more like it.


gabreaelinfo said...

Dear Derek,

I love the second picture and the pictures below of the bee and flowers. What a talent you have!