Saturday, March 4, 2006

Young and in Love

I was just a baby when we moved to Jacksonville beach.  I was the only child also.  I look at these pictures and I see two people in love and having fun.  My first memories are of Jacksonville, funny that I live here now all these years later.  I look at video's of them with me when I was a baby, and know how much they loved me also.   More thoughts later.   Funny how after years after they've been divorced I still wish they would have stayed as happy as in these pictures.  I know exactly where they got these pictures taken, it's funny the place is stil there to this day on the boardwalk.  It's probably where my first memory takes place.  Mama loved these little photo booths, you would sit in close the curtain, and look in a mirror, and make faces.  I thought for years  that mirrors were camera's.   I used to smile and smile at the mirror at home but never any magical pictures would show up like in those booths.  I look at the funny hats and realize they were just children in a way, just having fun.  YOUNG LOVE!


madcobug said...

The photos are great. You have some beautiful memories of the two of them together. Helen

shedrawsanime said...

Great entry & photo, Derek!!  What is it about Jacksonville?  My husband grew up in the Arlington section before his parents divorced.  Then, years later, he lives there with his own family in Jax Beach.  He took us on trips down memory lane many times.  

The photo in my journal entry for the Round Robin Challenge: Laisser le Bon Temps Rouler (Let The Good Times Roll) is of my daughter at Jax Beach.  :)  What a lovely place!!

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gdireneoe said...

So interesting you went back there...I've wanted to return to my home state for years. ;)  C.  http;//