Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Autumn and Eli










Picture from Hometown

These two cousins just love each other.  Eli is crazy about Autumn, and Autumn really loves Eli, although she makes sure she is the boss.  They both had lots of fun letting me take pictures of them, they thougth this pose up.


joolsinwa said...

sweet! She is smart ... the girl needs to be in charge!!! LOL

madcobug said...

Those are very cute and sweet too. Helen

gdireneoe said...

What sweet sweet faces Derek!  And those eyes...  As I've stated before..."A family of stars" ;)  C.

naturegirlfromny said...

Have you ever watched rugrats?  Those two remind me of Angelica and Chucky in those pics!  LOL!  Linda

tc01hm said...

I'm sure there were giggles galore!

trickeytricky said...

. . . oh do they look like a pair!! :)