Sunday, July 24, 2005

Julie and Monday morning

The last night of "Into the West"  was tonight.   This show was wonderful.  It really touched me.  Can't believe it's Monday tomorrow already.  The weekend has flown by.   Here's a picture I took of Julie, she sits beside me at work. At least I'll have a friendly face too look forward to.


joolsinwa said...

LOL prettier than this Julie !
~Julie    LOL

coy1234787 said...

Adorable, I can think of worse things to look forward to on a monday morning!
                                                *** Coy ***

naturegirlfromny said...

I watched a couple episodes of Into the West, missed the rest, hope they come out on DVD!  Cute co-worker!  Linda

cneinhorn said...

what a great portrait of julie!


philipkravitz said...

Dear Derek, This is a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman whose inner radiance shines so bright, you must be deliighted to sit next to her at wok.
   I would love to hear something from you, a short little personal note of encouragement, you seem to be very down to earth and stable and most of all, filled with familly values. May your  cup runneth over. Best wishes and follow your heart, I'd love to talk more to you and will, our timing and worlds cross pathes through our journals and they're are no coincidences. Be the best you you can be.  Phil K.