Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Picture I drew of Dena and Sherry

While home I saw this picture I drew of my two beautiful sisters.  The two most beautiful flowers God put on the planet to me.  My heart is full when I think of the two of them.  My sisters have always been there for me and no matter what they always care.  Through thick and thin and everything in between.  They have protected me from darkness.  Sisters of light thats what they are.  They make my world full of happiness.  If I'm sad they are there with a hug to lend.  They are there to laugh with.  They are my strenth when I'm weak.  They are my voice when I can't speak.  They are always there when I need an ear just to listen and be a friend.  They have shared a love with me that nothing can compare to.  They are my link to LIFE.  I've heard this before though the hurt and the pain, through the tears and the rain, because of sisters, I will never be the same.  Not sure if I quoted that right or not.   Anyway I love you Sherry and Dena.



eynl said...

This is beautiful what you wrote Derek.  

bjett73 said...

I have been keeping up with your life my friend... or at least trying .. Your words are so touching and kind... Your sister picture you sketched is the most amazing i have seen.. You truely have an eye for drawing ... They are as beautiful as I remember them...Keep up the good work and writings You have a talent...
Love you , ALWAYS,